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Samsung Air Conditioner Gateway (TR)

It has easy installation feature. It can be installed inside its own AC indoor unit, one side connects directly to the electronic circuit of the AC indoor unit (cable support) and, on the other hand, directly to the KNX bus.
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Interra Iswitch (ENG)

Interra Iswitch brings functionality and design to users.
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About Interra KNX DALI Gateway (ENG)

The DALI interface is a protocol for digital communication between stand-behind lighting devices and controllers.
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Interra iConnect (ENG)

Scenarios that can be realized with limited flexibility with KNX devices have reached high flexibility with iConnect.
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KNX Combo Actuators (ENG)

Combo is a multi-function KNX relay module which has a high processing capacity and which can respond to all automation controls.

INTERRA Iswitch Thermostat Switch (TR)

You can find everything about our INTERRA Iswitch Thermostat Switch product in this video.
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Intercom (ENG)

It is an indoor touch panel units with Linux and Android operating systems. It is mainly used to interact between the relevant external intercom unit. It can be connected to Interra outdoor intercom devices for audio, video communication as well as unlock and watch features.

Interra KNX - DALI Gateway(ENG)

With its advanced features and new technology, it makes it unique in its field by offering comfort and high energy saving ...

DSC Alarm Panel and INTERRA Touch Panel Connection (TR)

You can see everything about DSC Alarm Panel and INTERRA Touch Panel Connection in this video.
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You can learn everything about INTERRA Knx Combo modules in this video.
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